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Believe in Plant Magic ✨
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Clear-Voyant (Ph Balancer and Detoxifying Tonic)

PH Balancing Face Tonic

Good for: Those seeking relief, balance, and purification of your skin, bringing balance to your skin, reducing impurities and inflammation.


 Lavendin uplifts and balances emotions and restore vitality. Not only Calms our anxiety, but Lavendin is also known to aid us as a circulatory stimulant allowing stagnation to flow. 

Raw ACV  has anti-inflammatory properties with its known allies of acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. This tonic can exfoliate the skin, absorb excess oils, and unplug the pores' stagnant energy, bringing back the proper pH levels in your skin's biome.

Ritual:  Spray on clean skin, AM, and PM. Follow with your Alchemic Face Elixir. Great to use before and after putting on and removing your face covering.

Comes in a 1OZ  premium amber glass bottle with a spray.